NO EGO COLLECTIVE is pretty straight to the point. We are 3 friends who met in Meribel and love the same things: riding, where we live, bringing people together, and having a good bloody time especially for a good cause.


Ally aka Frenchie is a full time remote marketer who lives half of the year surfing in Bali and half the year in the French Alps, likes dogs more than she likes most people, a good day up on the hill with mates in the sunshine, and has a hard time to say no to a cold beer and spicy food. She is from Paris, but don’t hold that against her, she is alright overall.


All year rounder Olli is a character who you can’t miss in Meribel. If you haven’t seen him charge around the resort, you probably saw him in Apres being his loud (annoying)self! In resort for 7 years, his love for Meribel, his knowledge of the area and people makes him a key force in the collective. He also recently discovered insta stories and that is something that should have never happened


Talented skier Digby is the one keeping us in check when it comes to numbers. He is also the one who will make sure that you guys know exactly what we are up to with the money and guarantee a total transparency. We could basically not do it without him. When he is not busy sending it off piste somewhere, he is back in Spain doing important business stuff (we not sure what, he is more clever than us.)